Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A PR and Wine!

  I ran the Napa Valley Marathon, which I ran in March 2012. It was a very fun race with prizes we rarely have here in the midwest. There wasn't any prize money but there was wine. Yup, the winners received their weights in wine and since I was second woman overall and won the masters division, I won a very large bottle of wine.
     Now, instead of drinking it I decided to keep it and open it when I accomplished a marathon PR. When I returned from California I set the bottle in the front room of the house so every time I walked by it I thought about being able to celebrate the PR and what a good feeling it would be to open that great bottle of wine. The more I thought about drinking the wine the more motivated I was to PR. It got me excited.
      In October 2012 I ran the Chicago marathon. My goal was to run a sub 2:50. The last few miles I had a few things running through my mind. They were "I can do this and show my coach what I am made of. I did this in training all I have to do now is hold the pace. I want to do this for my support crew and finally the celebration of the WINE!!!!" I did not want to have to walk past that bottle again. I wanted it to be mine.
    I ran through the finish at 2:49:02. I exceeded my goal and that night I was out celebrating with my friends, coach and family. We drank wine and I enjoyed my victory.
      A few weeks after the Chicago race I went to Door County, Wisconsin to visit my aunt. Because the weather was so rainey, we decided to go to a winery. As I was enjoying the glass of wine I decided there and then to keep the wine/PR tradition going. So, I bought two bottles (since they were smaller than the bottle I received in California.) Now, when I PR I will send one bottle to my coach, who does not live in the area, and I will enjoy the other bottle myself.
      I feel this "Reward yourself" way of thinking also works when training. I have heard many runners proclaim," When we finish this workout we can get a Starbucks!"or "After I run the 20 miles I can enjoy a big dinner.".Have you ever said this to yourself? I know that warm cup of coffee tastes very good after running when it is below zero. A little motivator can really help along the way.
     I saw this also true with the winter program we had at the running store. For every five times a person came for a run they earned winter gear. We had an average of 30-40 runners every week when it was 5 degrees out. They were dedicated and motivated.
      My motivator is in place.
      I have set my PR, goals and bought the wine.
      Now all I have to do is keep working hard so I can enjoy my wine celebration. I will walk past the two bottles of wine everyday. They will be off the shelf in the fall. That is the plan :) A can taste the victory!!!