Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It Happened

I made it happen yesterday in the 5K. The course was long and I could tell you 5 other things that were not ideal but I will stop. In the end I am happy. I was first woman and 2nd overall. It would have been a PR if the course was correct so I am excited to run my next 5K. After this race I went to do a 2 mile cool down and I saw a guy walking with a half mile to go. I ran up next to him and said "lets run this to the finish, I will stick with you". He started to run and we chatted and he sprinted to the finish. It was an amazing experience to help another runner. He was so happy and so was I. After the race I met this other runner and we talked about Crossfit mobility and how it can make you a faster runner. My next post will be about this topic. I am very excited to post about this because I really feel it changed my running form. It has helped me get to the next level. I am leaving from the Florida Keys to go home to Chicago tomorrow. We are driving so I will be posting in a few days. I hope everyone had a Happy New Year.

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